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A Hill

A hill.

Starting, finishing, and sharing a project is a challenge.

If you managed to start your project you realized that maintaining momentum becomes a challenge after the first hint of resistance. This stems from either choice paralysis or a lack of confidence, maybe both. This is the worst part of the process as it takes the longest.

You'll find shortcuts, maybe they're shorter, maybe you end up on the scenic route. Eventually, you will see a clear iteration of your idea, but nope, a false notion of a vision.  You're closer though.

When you feel the crest, a reserve of energy will be unlocked, and you will find that you have reached the end.


Enjoy being here. Soak it up.

You can share where you've been and what you've seen or you can look for the next hill.

It never gets easier, you only get faster.

I once heard a variation of that line in reference to cycling up mountains and it has been a truth to any skill that I have taken on.

A recent hill.

A recent anxiety inducing experimental video I made.

I found myself listening to an older song of mine and it got me to thinking about how I have been wanting to experiment with video. I then found some video footage that would fit to this song and got to sketching.

It was a challenge to find something from uninteresting footage. A challenge I plan to revisit.

I  had an idea of what I was going for and while working through it I found the path.

Then, I a technical issue forced me to scrap the project. There was no way salvage what I have done. I had to start over.

The second time working through this, I felt a new rhythm and was able to pull out some feelings from the source materials.

I've watched this video a few times and I look forward to my next experiment.

This hill.

While writing this I began to wonder what this website is working toward. An extension of my art or profession? A variation of what I originally thought this will be? Or a shapeless vision?

At this point, I'll keep seeing where this goes.

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Jamie Larson