It's been a minute since I have felt interested in a Wes Anderson movie.

Today I saw the trailer for Asteroid City and that has changed.

Incredible. As a sucker for Wes Anderson's aesthetic, seeing it in the desert with a Manhattan Project/Roswell tilt seals it.

What bothered me is the song "Freight Train" by Nancy Whiskey and The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group that is used in the trailer. I strongly dislike it.

"Freight Train" is a great song by Elizabeth Cotten. It's a beautiful song about a life's journey and the desire to be left alone.

This cover by The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group is removed from that idea. It's goes on about some dude on a train who fucked up and should probably be dead and buried. This compounded with the upbeat rhythm feels like a cartoon train plowing through my head. And not even a good cartoon! Like some bootleg 80s special trying to be retro.

I feel that you can view this cover in other ways, but on a pure vibe perspective, the cover sucks and ruins a song I like.

I would like to add that I think Wes Anderson movies typically have good soundtracks so this choice of song feels like a fart.

I think Asteroid City looks good. I will watch it. I will undoubtably hold an irrational negativity toward this cover of "Freight Train".

If you are a progressive or a leftist, the Democratic Party is unfortunately all you have. To compound that, said party is really into the idea of courting the Republican base instead of working for their Democratic base.

This courting includes Democrats to distance themselves from certain "bad" words. One of these words is socialism.

With the news of Ilhan Omar's removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee, I learned of another vote and it's about the S-word.

Today, 109 Democrats voted to denounce socialism.

I learned of this when Ruben Gallego, Senate hopeful, tweeted this:

Today, the house voted against the concept of government programs that benefit many. They voted against the concept that gives us social security and medicare.

Is this a continuation of the masks off era? Did the House tell us we're on our own?

Today, Ruben Gallego voted to denounce socialism and he said he was happy about it.

Today, I lost any excitement for the Gallego campaign even though it will likely be an improvement over Sinema's performance as a senator.

Today, the House voted to denounce socialism.