I know it's been a while but I need to tell you about why I was thinking of Saturn devouring his son today.

I use an app called Day One for a digital journal. It's great at being readily available to capture any thought when I'm at my keyboard or on my phone. I'd recommend it.

I came across a news article about Apple releasing their own journaling app. I get why Apple would want to have this as mindfulness is a part of their Health app. A journal is a good way to practice being mindful and with Apple providing a default journal experience, someone could easily start journaling.

Day One wrote a response to Apple's journaling app.

I think Day One does a good job at design. It stays out of the way enough but the future and recent value propositions are things I guess.

A web interface? Why? I hate logging into things.

Shared journals? Maybe, but I journal for myself.

Security? I'm syncing with iCloud, why would I need other security? Is Apple shorting me on security?

So how do you compete with a tech giant that can clone your core functionality? How can you compete when there are users that are satiated with core functionality?

I think about how I used to use Dropbox to store all of my files. It was a simple way to sync and share files across devices. Then Dropbox got woke and added features that made it feel like a bootleg Office 365. It become unusable for my basic needs by being shoved their idea of what their app should be to me.

Thankfully, Apple added file storage to iCloud and I moved everything to that. I needed file syncing across devices and maybe the ability to share with a link. Apple does that without an extra account or interface.

Ultimately, it's nice to have one less subscription.