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  • Broadcast Interruption

    I am away, but still transmitting.

  • It’s Friday

    How are you illuminating your weekend?

  • It’s Monday!

  • It’s Friday. It’s hot. I’m tired.

    Favorite track: https://canalplus.bandcamp.com/track/nouveau-monde Album: https://canalplus.bandcamp.com/album/vendredi When you are done, listen to Nmesh : Dream Sequins®

  • All Aboard the Rant Express

    I came across this video that is a visualization of train speeds through history. Of course, at the end, America doesn’t end up on the top ten fastest trains. China, German, France, and Japan seem to crush it. After taking various trains for various distances, it has become my preferred method of travel if available.…

  • 99% Done

    There are many challenges in taking on any project, but the biggest challenge is finishing a project. Artistic or technical, all projects seem to get stuck toward the end when it comes to calling it done. Stampin’ Recently, I finished the 100 Day Project to break a creative dry spell. If you are unfamiliar, the…

  • 90s Amtrak ICE Train

    It feels tired at this point, but America needs trains and less planes for short distances.

  • The Freedom to Fence

    It’s the 4th and I was served an ad that made me laugh. I live in the southwest and this tickled me pink. A fencing business named by a combination of the words freedom and fencing is funny. Nothing feels more freeing than being able to enclose a peace of land to either keep something…

  • AFK

    When was the last time you took a break? It may be time.

  • Ecumene Aztec

    I have been taking a deeper look at history of the Southwest and Mesoamerica. Mostly, to understand how I got here. This has led to me to wonder, when will they make a game about some of this stuff? We’ve seen Assassins Creed go about everywhere, but we’ve never seen anything about this part of…

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