The year is ending but a new week is beginning.

Four Miles for $95,000,000

The border is an overmilitarized area where DHS violates humanity and destroys ecosystems under the guise of national security. This weekend protestors showed up to protest Ducey's illegal shipping container border wall and we're able to slow down construction. The wall is a four mile stretch of shipping containers over rough terrain. It's ugly, it's ineffective, and it blocks migratory paths of desert wildlife.

Ultimately, will Katie Hobbs be a hero and tear it down or will she give into the rhetoric that got the wall built in the first place?

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Tar on the Great Plains

The warnings that activists gave about pipelines bursting happened with the Keystone Pipeline spilling 588,000 gallons oil in Nebraska. According to the Sierra Club, this is the 22nd time the Keystone pipeline has been involved in something like this.

Events like this make the case for cleaner energy like maybe fusion energy. The US and the UK have announced their progress in smashing atoms together for energy but who will implement their findings?

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A smart person wouldn't cover cringe, but these two clowns are exhausting and keep thrusting themselves into the discourse. Watching the clips of Elon on stage getting booed at a Chappelle standup show while Chappelle negs the crowd is as the kid's say, "cringe."

Dave Chappelle and Elon Musk deciphering the crowds reaction.

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