Hmmonday Two

I'm supposed to get things done over the next two weeks? Get real!

Shipping Container Homes

A local real estate development company is getting some funding to build homes for the homeless on city land. I know where they can get some shipping containers that are being a blight on the land.

More: Shipping container shelters planned for southwest Phoenix (paywalled 🙄)

Suing the Electorate

It's an Arizona tradition, now a group of debt collectors and lenders are trying to strike down a voter approved proposition that will reduce unfair garnishments around predatory debt. A bunch of crooks want to be able to continue to rip off those who are most vulnerable to financial stressors.

More: Debt collectors sue to stop voter-approved Prop. 209 medical debt reforms

Will he step down?

It seems like someone may be in trouble with his financiers and is hiding it behind a poll asking if said person should step down as CEO. The poll has closed and the voters voted "Yes." The question is, will he actually step down?

This comes after some quickly deleted policy around promoting accounts on other social media platforms.

I think the most funny parts of all this are the conservative free speech freaks  claiming stolen poll and questioning why anyone would be against free speech?

More: Go to Twitter (if you really want)


I started riding motorcycles recently and now this seems like something I'd like to do one day. I'll have to save up for a pair of bikes and learn to weld.