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  • It’s Friday

    How are you illuminating your weekend?

  • It’s Monday!

  • AFK

    When was the last time you took a break? It may be time.

  • They’re Still Rock and Rolling

    Getting older and being online brings the surprise of finding a band you listened to back in the day is still doing their thing. I have three bands I wanted to bring up. The Hives Introduce a New Music Video Pretty cool video but I have always been a passive fan with them. Modern Pop…

  • Razing Arizona: A Historical Podcast

    Happy to announce a new project that my friend Annalisa and I have started. It’s a podcast that explores the history of Arizona through the lens to two Arizona natives. In the first episode we introduce ourselves, stumble through the history we were taught, and then discuss how local sites helped put ancient Phoenix into…

  • Hmm

    The web has been homogenized and corralled by the algorithms. All that we can do is to build outposts in an attempt to stave off what has been in the works. The question, what is a good website? Is it a website with nice typography and readability? Is it a website that displays content in…

  • What?

    Yeah, you asked the right question at the wrong time. Long story short, this once was a community, then life happened. Now things are different, so why not try something new? In the interest of forcing myself to start on a project, this project will be fleshed out in public.