A Supercontinent Struggles to be Born

Earth has these seismic pulses that have been reported for over half a century all around the globe. Scientists, as per usual, don't agree as to what is causing it. I know it's the heartbeat of Pangea.

More recently scientists have been debating why Earth's inner core stopped spinning as fast as it used to around 2009. Scientists, as per usual, don't agree as to why. I know it's because Earth thinks it's time for a new supercontinent.

Earth has been through a lot. It's been beat down by radiation, smashed by celestial bodies, and watched the ebb and flow of life.

Earth decided it's time to go back to the basics.

And much like the Earth, it's time to focus on our inner workings. Follow the Earth's lead and slow down to find what direction your core wants to go.


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