23 skidoo!

It's Tuesday, the first monday of the year, and my mind is blank.

Arizona has a New Governor

Katie Hobbs was sworn in and signed an executive order to change discrimination policies for state government. While being sworn in Hobbs was giggly and that of course meant she isn't serious/is nefarious according to conservatives.

All we can do is she will be a leader and not a snake like Sinema.

Chemtrails as a Service

Over the years, I've learned about cloud seeding and chemtrails, and it's interesting to see a few stories about climate engineering both localized to my region.

The White Moutain Tribe has partnered with the Salt River Project to experiment with cloud seeding in the white mountains. If all goes well they hope to expand this to Colorado in hopes to help with the current water problem that is building on the Colorado River watershed.

Down in Mexico an American company is launching balloons into the sky. The ballons release sulfur in the stratosphere in hopes to reduce the heating effect of the sun. The company aims to commercialize geoenginnering with a new type of "carbon credit" while claiming to be "climate activism."

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