99% Done

There are many challenges in taking on any project, but the biggest challenge is finishing a project. Artistic or technical, all projects seem to get stuck toward the end when it comes to calling it done.


Recently, I finished the 100 Day Project to break a creative dry spell.

If you are unfamiliar, the 100 Day Project is an online creative challenge where someone will create something every day for 100 days. I’ve done this for a few years and it’s always been a great way to jumpstart some creativity.

This year I created 100 stamps with no general theme until the end, when I did the astrological signs. This is very unlike the year I created my 99 Red Baboons project. More on that later.

During this project, I carved and printed a stamp on a sticky note. I was also keeping a contact sheet updated with the stamps, so I could see all of them in a single print.

It’s done. It looks done. Is it done?

Yeah, it’s done.

How’s that not done?

The goal was to glue the stamps onto a block of wood, much like I did with a previous 100 Day Project, and do a print in black ink.

Fun and done!

I have the time to do this series, but I have questioned what holds me back.

Motivation? Eh, it’s done. I am happy that I finished this. I have a small stack of individual prints and one print for myself.

Big task? Kinda. I have to measure and cut a board to mount the 100 stamps. Then I have to do the printing.

Is it done? Yeah, I could do more with it, but while it would be good to do a final print, I am happy with the contact sheet.

I have prints that are done, with nothing to do to them but maybe sign them. Maybe take nicer photos of them? Sell them? Give them away?

Maybe if we get stuck here, we should keep creating and worry about it later or never.

Create for the sake of creating.






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