Ecumene Aztec

I have been taking a deeper look at history of the Southwest and Mesoamerica. Mostly, to understand how I got here.

This has led to me to wonder, when will they make a game about some of this stuff? We’ve seen Assassins Creed go about everywhere, but we’ve never seen anything about this part of time and space.

Well, in maybe two years, we’ll get the opportunity to see this happen.

From the trailer description:

In the third-person survival action-RPG Ecumene Aztec, you play as an Aztec trying to withstand the assault of Spanish conquistadors in your Mesoamerican city. Its developers promise “a strong narrative, RPG progression with blood sacrifices, gritty combat, stealth gameplay, and crafting.” Ecumene Aztec is in development for PC and expected to be released in 2025.

I am very interested in the premise and look forward to seeing their execution of it.

One question: why so gray?






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