Getting older and being online brings the surprise of finding a band you listened to back in the day is still doing their thing.

I have three bands I wanted to bring up.

The Hives Introduce a New Music Video

Pretty cool video but I have always been a passive fan with them.

Modern Pop Punk Revival?

Sum 41 announced they are breaking up after a final tour and album.

I was for sure Sum 41 broke up a while ago. They released a single in 2021 that wasn't my jam, but most of these bands really lost their luster after their first few albums.

The childish thing that came up in my mind is, "Will Sum 41's new album be better or worse than a new blink-182 song?"

So I did what any normal person avoiding work would do, I listened to their latest releases to make an educated guess. It's called the scientific process, look it up.

This is the last Sum 41 track. It's not my jam.

There are two blink-182 singles over the last few years and I have an opinion on each one.

The latest song "Edging" has that blink sound with a splash of good charlotte but ultimately overstays its welcome. Too long for a silly punk song.

Then there was "Quarantine" which of course is about the pandemic.

I wanted to bring attention to this song because it sounds like a Bad Religion song covered by blink-182. The only difference is that they chose to use a thesaurus to simplify the lyrics.

So, here we are. Will Sum 41 release an album with some tracks that make the farewell sweet or am I too old and out of of touch to get it?

I want Sum 41 to come out of nowhere and write an enjoyable pop punk album with an anthem or two without minimal arena rock vibes.

Will Sum 41 create a better modern pop punk album than blink-182? I hope.